The DEIMOS Group operates in the Earth Observation and Space sectors since 2001, and has been working on leading technologies in support of end-user applications. DEIMOS contributes to many Earth observation programmes and mission, most of ESA missions and private satellites. DEIMOS was responsible for one of the first European commercial satellites, DEIMOS-1, launched in 2009, followed by DEIMOS-2 in 2014. DEIMOS is developing with ESA support the Sat4EO programme, including service4EO. The concept of service4EO is of a collaborative EO Exploitation Platform, operated by DEIMOS, relying on a set of core IT and Earth observation modules, with standardised interfaces, which can be chained together to produce a large number of services easily tailored by the platform user. With this proposal, we are bringing the tools and services already deployed operationally to the Network of Resources.