cloudeo is pleased to announce that the first Network of Resources ITT is open now!

NoR Platform Tier Services are NoR Services accessible via API which provide advanced capabilities regarding EO data processing, data analytics, visualization, and knowledge sharing.

A NoR Service Provider is an entity offering services within the NoR. The service providers are selected through Best Practices ITTs conducted by cloudeo

For More information to become a NoR Service Provider.

The Network of Resources promotes the use of European Resource and Platform Services to facilitate simplified and efficient exploitation of EO data in cloud environments.

This first intended tender invites all Resource Tier Providers that have cloud services with collocated Sentinel and non-Sentinel data (IaaS, DaaS) to apply for becoming a NoR Service Provider.

Resource Tier Providers wishing to contribute to the NoR Portal are invited to provide a proposal. We made the tender process as simple as possible to respond to. Instead of working on a lengthy proposal you can provide most of the requested information in easy to fill in forms.

You find the Tender on EMITS/ESA-STAR where you can download all necessary documents.

Simply go to EMITS -> ENTITIES -> CLOUDEO AG -> Open Invitations to Tender and you will find the open ITT.