Mundi Storage - Object Storage Service and Backup

Object Storage (OBS) is an alternative storage method that complements block storage (EVS). The storage space is relatively cost-efficient and well suited for both temporary and long-term data storage. OBS offers a high degree of data stability and monthly availability.

Product Description 

The Open Telekom Cloud offers an Object Storage Service that can be accessed via S3 or Swift APIs. Instead of using conventional directory structures, the OBS works with buckets in which common files such as jpgs, docs, pdfs, etc. are stored as “objects.” These individual objects can have a size of up to 5 TB.

For users, OBS on the Open Telekom Cloud is akin to “serverless storage as a service” that allows them to store large quantities of data with minimum effort. The data is protected against failure and can be made available for hosting static websites, storing log and media files, software depots, data lakes for big data, etc.

OBS is available in two performance classes: standard and warm. While the standard variant can be accessed multiple times per day, the warm storage class is suitable for monthly access. This allows users to optimize their OBS costs. It is easy to lose track of the amount of data stored over the course of time. Therefore, the lifecycle management solution is ideal for deleting data that has been stored for a certain period of time. Alternatively, OBS can also automatically move objects to a different storage class after a defined period.

Backups are an elementary security measure for every service. In the cloud, too, service providers should create backup copies of virtual servers at regular intervals. The Volume Backup Service (VBS) creates backups of the data and operating system volumes (storage media) of an Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), including the specifications of an ECS. In the event of damage or loss, e.g. in the case of defective updates or inadvertent deletion of data, the Volume Backup Service can be used to restore an older backup copy. If data has to be restored in this way, all required information is held in one place and available quickly.

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  4. Mundi Storage - Object Storage Service and Backup
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Mundi Storage - Object Storage Service and Backup


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