Mundi Storage - Elastic Volume Service

The Open Telekom Cloud EVS (Elastic Volume Service) offers dynamic hard disk space for cloud applications.

Product Description 

In clouds, both storage and computing resources are decoupled from the associated hardware. This means that typical hardware restrictions (e.g. storage limits due to the physical limits of the disk) no longer apply.

There are two storage types to choose from: HDD and SSD. HDD (common i/o) speeds are good for every day storage, while SSD (high i/o) are best for demanding storage access. The system disks of the virtual machines are also based on the EVS. Block storage must always be connected to a virtual machine – in contrast to object storage, which can also be used as a standalone storage medium. With shared EVS, it is possible to connect an EVS volume to up to 16 different VMs, with faster data exchange than when using object storage. The EVS encryption feature allows data to be encrypted in the block storage.

The Mundi Webservices platform consists of 8 products. In order to complete your order, please visit each product and add your choices to the cart. *Only the Elastic Cloud Service (by month or hour) and the Mundi Management Fee are required to purchase.

  1. Mundi Computing - Elastic Cloud Service by Month*
  2. Mundi Computing - Elastic Cloud Service by Hour*
  3. Mundi Storage - Elastic Volume Service
  4. Mundi Storage - Object Storage Service and Backup
  5. Mundi Network Services
  6. Mundi Cloud Optimized EO Missions
  7. Mundi Professional Services
  8. Mundi Management Fee*

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Mundi Storage - Elastic Volume Service


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Mundi Management Fee (500€/mo) is mandatory when ordering any ECS service.
If you request ESA Sponsorship for this service, please allow a few extra business days for delivery.
If you aren't finding what you are looking for, please contact the Helpdesk for more information.

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