Mundi Network Services

To access your services on the Open Telekom Cloud or make your services available to the Internet, select the Mundi Network Services.

Product Description 

Select the appropriate amount of Internet Outbound Traffic needed for your monthly services.

If services and resources in the Open Telekom Cloud are to be made publicly available on the Internet, access needs to be established via the Elastic IP service. When setting up a virtual server, users can define in the network settings whether an elastic IP address is to be assigned. This IP address can either be assigned automatically via the Open Telekom Cloud or specified by the user and is active as soon as the server is available. An IP address must always be connected to an Elastic Cloud Server. IPv6 addresses can be used via a NAT gateway.

The Open Telekom Cloud also offers a Domain Name Service (DNS). DNS is available via the Open Telekom Cloud console and features anti-DDoS protection. In addition to references to external IP addresses, the solution can also be used for services within the Open Telekom Cloud. Additionally, you may specify the amount of Public DNS queries per month to your DNS.

The Mundi Webservices platform consists of 8 products. In order to complete your order, please visit each product and add your choices to the cart. *Only the Elastic Cloud Service (by month or hour) and the Mundi Management Fee are required to purchase.

  1. Mundi Computing - Elastic Cloud Service by Month*
  2. Mundi Computing - Elastic Cloud Service by Hour*
  3. Mundi Storage - Elastic Volume Service
  4. Mundi Storage - Object Storage Service and Backup
  5. Mundi Network Services
  6. Mundi Cloud Optimized EO Missions
  7. Mundi Professional Services
  8. Mundi Management Fee*

To see all complementing products, please visit here.

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Mundi Network Services


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Please note 

Mundi Management Fee (500€/mo) is mandatory when ordering any ECS service.
If you request ESA Sponsorship for this service, please allow a few extra business days for delivery.
If you aren't finding what you are looking for, please contact the Helpdesk for more information.

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