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Computing capacities that are readily available via the Internet or private networks are one of the key functionalities of clouds. The Elastic Cloud Server, provided on the Mundi DIAS by Atos, brings you the virtual computing capacities from T-Systems adapted to your specific needs, with collocated access to EO data.

Product Description 

An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a basic computing unit that consists of vCPUs, memory, OS, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks. After creating an ECS, you can use it like using your local computer or physical server. ECSs integrate virtual private cloud (VPC), virtual firewalls, and multi-data-copy capabilities to create an efficient, reliable, and secure computing environment. This ensures stable and uninterrupted operation of services. You may also select GPU processing as well, which utilize NVIDIA P100 and V100 graphics cards.

Mundi provides IaaS services combined with a large offer of Earth Observation products. Mundi IaaS cloud platform is based on the Open Telekom Cloud provided by T-Systems. Open Telekom Cloud is an affordable, scalable and easy to use cloud infrastructure solution, based on OpenStack from T-Systems’ highly secured datacentres hosted in Germany. Manage your virtual machines through the Telekom self-service portal or use the Open Telekom Cloud API. Through REST API calls, this API supports customers in the fully-automated provisioning of cloud resources.

The Elastic Volume Service (EVS) is provided in block-level storage capacities. Up to 24 block storages may be assigned to each ECS. The data durability rate with EVS is 99,99995%.

OS options include Microsoft Windows, Open Linux, Oracle Linux, RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux and SUSE for SAP coming pre-configured with your virtual machine, including storage and networking options.

Click the link below to the T-Systems calculator to configure your ECS and EVS resources. When you have selected your services, please write them in the remarks field together with any additional requests and check out to forward your quote. Please also indicate to which EO missions you would like to have access with your services. Please do not select ESA Sponsorship when checking out with a quote. When you receive your binding quote, then you may apply for ESA sponsorship. For more information about the Elastic Cloud Server, please see the documentation here.

Open Telekom Cloud Calculator

Please note: The mandatory monthly management fee is required as soon as any other Mundi resources tier services are activated. This fee gives access to the cloud offer, unlimited download of data of the free collections, and to the helpdesk and to the technical support. For dedicated technical support, either for Earth Observation expertise, or for IT skills (cloud migration, cloud usage optimisation, service architecture, application development and management), Mundi also offers Professional Services.

To see all complementing products, please visit here.

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If you are not requesting for sponsorship, then please add the project name as "None".
Mundi Computing - Elastic Cloud Server


Service ID

Service setup time 

1 day

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Helpdesk response time 

2 days
Overview of Earth Observation Missions

EO Missions

Data Set Type

Archive Format

Availability Since

Temporal Coverage

Sentinel-1 SM/IW/EW/WV


Zipped GeoTIFF or COG



Sentinel-2 MSI

L1C, L2A

Unzipped JPEG2000

L1: 2015, L2: 2017




Zipped NetCDF

L2 OLCI: 2018, On demand


Sentinel-5P TROPOMI

L1B, L2




Landsat 7 ETM+



On demand


Landsat 8 OLI/TRS


Tar.gz GeoTIFF or COG



Please note 

Mundi Management Fee (500€/mo) is mandatory when ordering any ECS service.
Please do not select ESA Sponsorship when checking out with a quote. When you receive your binding quote, then you may apply for ESA sponsorship.

Pricing / Licensing 


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