About NoR

The NoR Vision

Over the past few years, more and more Earth Observation (EO) data, software applications, and IT services have become available from an increasing number of EO exploitation platform providers – funded by the European Commission, ESA, other public agencies, and private investment.

ESA wants the Network of Resources to incentivise contributions to a common framework and harmonise service offerings to users and therefore intends to procure processing services for ESA's exploitation activities from the various providers participating in the NoR.

Combining exploitation and processing platforms, the NoR will support the user in procuring services and outsourcing requirements while increasing integration of EO data and information for broader scientific, social, and economic purposes and support the generation of new commercial applications and services.

Who is NoR?

cloudeo is acting as the NoR Operator, together with its consortium partners RHEA Group and BHO Legal, by managing the onboarding of service providers into the NoR Portal, a compilation of the NoR Service Portfolio, listing services on the NoR Portal, promoting the NoR services worldwide, and procuring such services for commercial users and ESA sponsorship.

Our Values

All Network of Resources Service Providers support the creation and evolution of NoR Charter of Values in a collaborative process. Accordingly, this Initial NoR Charter of Values will evolve over time, based on feedback from NoR Service Providers and users.

  • NoR promotes collaboration and public engagement by improving and supporting education, research, and science

  • NoR enables value creation. NoR supports developers in using the resources in the most efficient and innovative way and enables them to create high-performance pre-commercial and commercial applications

  • NoR facilitates interoperability by standard interfaces (e.g. common architectures) in order to enhance data and services access

  • NoR facilitates secure and easy access of resources by supporting or implementing Federated Identity Management (FIM)

  • NoR aims to create uniform service descriptions to enable easier comparison and choice for its users

  • NoR promotes the use of plain language on service descriptions in order to lower the barriers of entry for non-experts

  • NoR promotes sustainability. Social responsibility and ethics are an integral part of our decision-making, helping to achieve environmental, cultural, and social wellbeing for everyone

  • NoR promotes community building by enabling collaboration between all stakeholders

NoR Helpdesk

The NoR Helpdesk is managed through an online portal, providing phone and e-mail support within normal business hours in English or German. The NoR Helpdesk specialists are specialized in Remote Sensing, IT and GIS capabilities.

The NoR Helpdesk supports users to navigate through the NoR service offerings, search the NoR knowledge base, create service requests, as well as provide feedback. Find more details at NoR Helpdesk.

Sponsorship possibilities

The NoR initiative also provides sponsorship for approved user projects requiring Resource and Platform Tier Services.

Find more details at ESA sponsorship.