Internet Services

Internet Services

Data transfer and management services on the Cloudferro EO Cloud platform.

Product Description 

To and from your cloud resources, you need data transmission. In the Cloudferro EO Cloud, networking is fully virtualized and is fully configurable. Users can use publicly shared networks or can create Virtual Networks for their VMs. They can also create Virtual Routers to route traffic between Virtual Networks or from/to the Internet. Select just the amount you will use for upload and download to your cloud each month.

In addition, EO Cloud provides several network extensions like a public IP address, Firewall as a Service, Load Balancing as a Service, or a Virtual VPN concentrator per user environment. A dashboard is provided with the service to monitor usage over time.

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Internet Services


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1 day

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>99.5%/ year

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1 day

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If you request ESA Sponsorship for this service, please allow a few extra business days for delivery.
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