High Performance Computing Small by Month

High Performance Computing Small by Month

Cloudferro cloud infrastructure is adapted to the processing of big amounts of EO data, including an EO data storage cluster and a dedicated IaaS cloud infrastructure for the platform’s users. The platform is based on collocating a big data repository and customer accessible big processing power. The processing resources are open source and compliant with world standards.

Product Description 

Computing services include cloud based Virtual Machines (VMs) with up to 2,500 vCores and 12.5 TB of RAM, dedicated baremetal servers, containers, operating system and software images, which can be customized to the user's needs. The product is available on an hourly or monthly basis.

Storage related services include volume storage (divided into magnetic HDD storage, solid state fast SSD storage, HDD storage placed in remote locations (Warsaw, Frankfurt), backup solution (in remote locations), image service (OpenStack Glance), snapshots, object storage, and free access to Earth Observation (EO) big data storage with satellite data and additional data services like data disk upload and download.

Data related services include a free Data Offer interface and EO Browser, extended OGC WMS processing of EO Data, and Catalogue Services.

Additional services comprise currently: cloud orchestration solution, general reporting and monitoring services, direct data connections to the platform, data marketplace application, elements of application marketplace, engineering support and engineering consulting and project implementation.

HMD VMs: VM ephemeral local NVME storage is only used in HMD VMs (“D” stands for local disk) in which you get part of physical, very fast NVMe drive attached to one VM. The NVMe drive that hosts data for HMD configuration is a single, very reliable, high performance drive with MTBF>2M h and up to 400k IOPS. We designed it as ephemeral storage, to expressly underline the dangers of losing the data and we encourage clients to back up the data stored on such disk or treat it as a cache only. VM related-storage is a fast solid state SSD storage connected to individual Virtual Machines. It is directly available to the VM without the need for mounting or connecting network shares.

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High Performance Computing Small by Month


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