NoR Operator
The NoR Operator is cloudeo, with consortium partners RHEA and BHO Legal.
NoR Services
NoR services are all services listed on the NoR Portal, including both Platform Tier Services and Platform Tier Support Services.
NoR Platform Tier Services
NoR Platform Tier Services are all NoR Services offering access to EO data from at least one mission collocated together with processing capabilities for users of such EO data.
NoR Platform Tier Support Services
NoR Platform Tier Support Services are NoR Services accessible via API which provide advanced capabilities regarding EO data processing, data analytics, visualisation, and knowledge sharing. NoR Platform Tier Support Services run on top of NoR Platform Tier Services.
NoR Service Provider
A NoR Service Provider is an entity offering services within the NoR Portal. The Service Providers are selected through Best Practices ITTs conducted by cloudeo. Upon selection, they undergo an on-boarding process for their inclusion in the NoR Portal.
NoR Support Services
NoR Support Services are provided by the NoR Operator and include:

NoR Portal, NoR Service Providers, NoR Services, and all relevant information such as company descriptions, service descriptions, specifications, performance levels, and prices. It also includes dashboards for users and the ESA NoR Helpdesk, providing support to both users or service providers. The NoR Helpdesk also acts as a feedback portal, where both services providers and users can provide feedback in either structured or unstructured formats.
NoR Portal
NoR Portal is an important NoR Support Service. The goal is to give users an easy, fast, and comprehensive overview of all products and services available on the NoR Portal, including their quality, performance levels, and user ability to quickly choose a service easily throughout the process.
The NoR Portal will:
  • List all NoR Service Providers
  • List all NoR Services, with detailed service descriptions, applicable performance levels, video material, user guides etc.
  • Highlight integration of new NoR Service Providers and additional NoR Services
  • Have a News section
  • Include promotional and educational information and material
  • Support effective community building

Each NoR Service Provider will have his own section on the NoR Portal to ensure proper branding. Within this section, they will be able to present their company, list all services provided within the NoR Portal, and highlight their level of compliance with the NoR Charter of Values. Information will be updated as necessary.

In addition, each NoR Service will be listed in the NoR Portal with detailed descriptions, specifications, quality and performance levels, pricing, and relevant training material or user guidelines. To allow a homogenised user experience, the services will be described by predefined structures. End users will be able to publicly rate ordered services.
NoR Helpdesk
The NoR Helpdesk will provide support to both Service Providers and users and will gather feedback. Support will be provided during Italian Nominal Working days from 9.00 to 18.00 CET.
The NoR Helpdesk will:
  • Provide experienced Helpdesk personnel with phone, Skype, e-mail, live chat, and tutorials
  • Support users and Service Providers in the usage of the NoR Portal
  • Provide 1st level support to both Service Providers and users
  • Initiate any required 2nd level support from NoR Service Providers
  • Gather structured and unstructured feedback from the community
  • Help ESA to assess the usefulness of NoR and NoR Support Services
NoR On-boarding
The NoR Operator provides the on-boarding for service listings in the NoR Portal and the setup of all required technical and business interfaces for NoR Service Providers. The on-boarding process culminates with a Service Readiness Review (SRR) for each NoR Service which certifies the operational readiness of the service and leads to the listing of the service on the NoR Portal. In case of new or changed services proposed by a NoR Service Provider, a further on-boarding process will be conducted at any time.
NoR Service Readiness Review
The NoR Service Readiness Review kicks off the official start of service provisioning within the NoR Portal. It is a formal checkpoint for certifying that all technical and business interfaces for the operational provision of a service within the NoR Portal are up and running.
NoR Service Performance Review
In order to maintain and improve the quality of the services within the NoR Portal over time, each NoR Service will be subject to periodic Service Performance Reviews (SPR), on average every six (6) months. The goal of the SPR is to appraise the quality and performance of the service as perceived by the users to discuss any modification of the service provision and to assess and agree on possible improvements.
NoR Consumption Framework Agreement
A NoR Consumption Framework Agreement defines a maximum amount of money that may be paid by the NoR Operator to a NoR Service Provider within a defined period. The actual payment at the end of the period will depend on the actual consumption of relevant NoR Services by users. A NoR Consumption Framework Agreement may be purposely constrained to address specific users or projects only.
Initial NoR Charter of Values
The Network of Resources is not conceived as just a collection of services but as a community of Service Providers contributing to the growth of the European EO sector. The community is established around a set of core principles which will be described in the Initial NoR Charter of Values. The principles to be included in a first version of the Initial NoR Charter of Values are described here. Service Providers participating in the NoR shall participate in a collaborative process for the evolution of the Initial NoR Charter of Values. NoR Service Providers shall be fully compliant to the Initial NoR Charter of Values, however, partial compliance is allowed. The compliance of each NoR Service Provider to these individual values will be visible to users on the NoR Portal.