Geohazards TEP (GEP) Support Services

The Geohazards Exploitation Platform aims to support the exploitation of satellite Earth Observations for geohazards with primary focus on mapping hazard prone land surfaces and monitoring terrain deformation. GEP provides data processing services and support for the community to integrate their own algorithms on the platform.

Product Description 

The User Support Services packs are targeted to all types of users of the Platform. They range from the support provided to the users in accessing the platform functions, in using Data Processing Services and the tools for interpretation of the generated results, up to the support for developers in the integration of their algorithms into the Cloud environment.

The support is provided through documentation (i.e. tutorials, forum, knowledge base) and a dedicated support team that is reachable via the Platform helpdesk instance, email or via specific hands-on training sessions.

About the Geohazards Exploitation Platform

The Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) supports the geohazards community with on-demand processing for specific user needs or systematic processing to address specific area-of-interest analysis. The GEP processing services include basic services providing full resolution imagery and change detection imagery for rapid online visualization and advanced services both for Optical & SAR data processing. The advanced services include Classic InSAR diachronic analysis, Advanced InSAR for Persistent Scatterers and Small Baseline time series, Digital surface model generation from satellite optical stereo images and Detection and measurement of horizontal ground motion from Optical imagery.

The GEP provides also a dedicated Cloud application integration environment with software tools, libraries and access to distributed Earth Observation data repositories powered by dedicated ICT resources and storage. Packaged algorithm can be deployed, operated and delivered as a service in the Geohazards Exploitation Platform.

The GEP Processing Services have access to the 70+ Terabytes of ERS and ENVISAT archive data and the Copernicus Sentinel-1 available online. The optical data such as the Copernicus Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 and the third party missions SPOT, Pléiades and Landsat 8 complement the data resources.

The GEP offerings are divided into 9 products:

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Geohazards TEP (GEP) Support Services


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General support

24x7 access to- documentation, knowledge base, and moderated forum

24x7 access to documentation, knowledge base, and moderated forum

24x7 access to documentation, knowledge base, and moderated forum

Technical support

NWD and NWH access to support via- ticketing system- emailMax 10 cases/contacts per month

NWD and NWH access to support via- ticketing system- emailUnlimited cases/contacts

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Issues <2 NWD; General Guidance <2 NWD

Issues <1 NWD; General Guidance <1 NWD

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<5 NWD

<2 NWD

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