EODC High Performance Computing

EODC High Performance Computing

EODC hosts its activities at some of Europe’s most powerful processing engines. Through dedicated EODC services, our partners are able to access Teraflops and Petabytes of computational power. Add high performance processing power to your EODC Cloud Bundle.

Product Description 

Boost your processing power to your EODC Cloud Bundle by adding a High Performance Computing hourly package. Select the right package for your project and use it for the same amount of time as your Cloud Bundle. With the High Performance Computing bundle from EODC, you can access some of Europe's most powerful processing engines, harnessing the power of Teraflops and Pentabytes for high intensity processing with the Vienna Scientific Cluster 3 (VSC-3).

3 different packages are available based on your processing needs.

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EODC High Performance Computing


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If you request ESA Sponsorship for this service, please allow a few extra business days for delivery.
If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact the Helpdesk for more information.

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