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The EODC framework offers management and organization of collaborative software development processes for establishing fully automatic end-to-end EO data processing chains, competence in processing large volumes of EO data, up-to-date technical infrastructure, and tailor-made, user-friendly solutions to exploit the added-value of satellite-derived information for the civil society. Try it for free for 2 weeks.

Product Description 

The EODC Cloud is more than just CPUs and RAM. Besides compute and storage resources, co-located with our multi petabyte data repository, our team of EO experts connects knowledge and IT competence and will assist with EO data needs.

Compute Resources
Your EODC Cloud includes virtual CPUs, RAM and Hybrid-SSD storage to build up your data service. You can launch ready-to-use Virtual Machines, choosing from several Linux based operating systems. You have full control of your Virtual Machines with the OpenStack Dashboard. Each Cloud Bundle level comes with a minimum resource configuration. Please note that extra options are additional resources on top of the minimum configuration. The EODC Cloud Basic includes 2 CPUs, 4 GB of RAM, 40 GB Hybrid-SSD Volume Storage, and 200 GB EO data storage.

EO Data Access
From your Virtual Machines in the EODC Cloud you have unlimited access to our EO Data Repository, which hosts a global Copernicus Sentinel Long Term Archive and other EO data products. See which missions we provide below.

EO Storage
Our Multi-Petabyte scale EO Storage provides terabytes of storage space for hosting your own data. EO Storage is a network storage that is accessible from all your services in the EODC cloud and allows you to set up collaborative environments across your projects. All our servers are located in Vienna, Austria. Off-premise backup is available upon request.

Individual Support
Our team of EO experts offers recommendations with custom set up and configuration of Virtual Machines, installation of software, backup configuration and more. You get access to our support system and knowledge base.

Our offer includes unlimited network traffic for your data transfer. Fair use policy applies. You may be billed for any costs incurred for the transfer of any excessive volumes of data, above our generous fair use quotas.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible Virtual Machine setup and with the OpenStack Dashboard
  • Unlimited high-speed internal networks, generous fair-usage for external access
  • Multi-petabyte EO Data Repository at your fingertips
  • Scalable compute and storage solutions
  • Support by EO Experts

Try the EODC Cloud Basic free for 2 weeks. To see all complementing products, please click here.

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EODC Cloud Basic Free Trial


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