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Have you ever wanted to have easy access to satellite data? Then EDC Sentinel Hub is the way to go. EDC Sentinel Hub is the go-to data processing service to analyze Sentinel, Landsat, or other satellite constellations within our cloud GIS or within your own environment. Get access to your satellite imagery directly within the web app without worrying about synchronization issues, storage, processing, de-compression algorithms, meta-data or sensor bands.

Product Description 

As part of the Euro Data Cube (EDC) Consortium, Sentinel Hub is a cloud platform that provides versatile access to Earth Observation data in an Analysis Ready format. It supports advanced processing with user-defined algorithms, optimized for on-the-fly computation, producing the result whenever and in such form as the user requires, directly from original satellite data files without replication or pre-processing.

Complete archives of Copernicus datasets (Sentinel-1 GRD, Sentinel-2 L1C/L2A, Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR, Sentinel-5P), Landsat, MODIS, as well as commercial missions are available at a moment's notice. The service offers low-level API access for custom per-pixel processing, with both single-scene and multi-temporal capabilities, transformations, reprojections and outputs to the user defined format (image or array of pixels of GeoJSON for statistical processing).

Advanced features such as data-fusion, cloud masking and Batch Processing make the API perfect for global scale EO data processing.

Additional options of the Sentinel Hub include the possibility to process your data stored on your own S3 bucket. Make use of the Sentinel Hub Statistical API to perform statistical computations or use the EO-Browser to access the data to modify and execute custom scripts or develop your own scripts.

Batch processing option is available, ideal for large scale machine learning workflows, providing the data faster and consuming three times less processing units than the standard API. More information here.

Try the free trial of Sentinel Hub for 30 days. When you are ready to upgrade, find the subscription options here.

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