Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Building and running your organization starts with compute, whether you are building enterprise, cloud-native or mobile apps, or running massive clusters to sequence the human genome. AWS offers a comprehensive portfolio of compute services allowing you to develop, deploy, run, and scale your applications and workloads in the world’s most powerful, secure and innovative compute cloud.

Product Description 

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) lets you provision a logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud where you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you define. You have complete control over your virtual networking environment, including data transfer, site-to-site VPNs, and network gateways.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is secure, simple, and customizable. Use cases include public-facing website hosting, multi-tier web applications hosting, disaster recovery, extending corporate networks into the cloud, securely connecting cloud applications to your datacenter, and out-of-band and inline traffic inspections.

For more information about Amazon VPC, please see the documentation here.

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)


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