Agile Business Development for NoR Services

Simplify your NoR service onboarding and make the most out of your NoR listing. We offer our Agile Business Development Methodology to help service providers to evaluate the suitability of their EO service for an offering on the NoR platform.

Product Description 

Based on our year-long experience in GeoServices, EO marketplaces, and platform businesses, we offer our Agile Business Development Methodology to help service providers evaluate the suitability of their EO service as an offering on the NoR platform. We help to optimize the presentation in the listing and to evolve the business model to take as much as possible benefit from the platform offering and the community.

At Urbetho, we transferred the main principles from agile software development to our Agile Business Development Methodology. The success of agile software development is not just a certain way of programming, but it lies to a large extent in the close interaction and fast feedback loops between the actual development team and the operations team, leading in many entities to "dev-ops" teams. With agile business development, we go one step further: A key principle is that technical and commercial teams interact closely during the evolution of a service. We are convinced that successful business development not only includes market analysis, partner and product management, and sales and marketing communications, but that those components have to be all connected into one cycle with rapid feedback to each other. They need to grow together in a closely aligned way to reach the market with a certain product or service quickly, reduce development risks and costs, and create a sustainable and growing business.

This agile business development allows pricing models and the sales approach to evolve together with the maturity of the respective product and service. Whilst minimum valuable products require typically an expert-driven solution sales approach and an online marketplace may only serve as a lead generator, highly standardized products and services can be sold with minimum human interaction on platforms like NoR.

Here, we propose to apply this methodology to EO Platform Services and to EO services running on the platform service tier. Our consulting package for NoR includes:

  • Content: Assessment of the maturity of a service for a potential listing on NoR platform based on well-defined key performance indicators. Proposition of evolutions of the service presentation and / or the business and partner models. The goal is to increase a potential customer uptake and, at the same time, support the NoR Charter of Values as much as possible.
  • Deliverables: The service provider will get a report summarizing the analysis.
  • Work Effort: Approximately 12 working days of senior consultant including one workshop (4 hour) with the customer.
  • Duration: The service (basic package) will be executed within approximately 1-2 months.
  • Start date: To be defined in mutual agreement with contract signature.

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Agile Business Development for NoR Services


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Please note 

  • Cooperation of Customer: All above topics need the active cooperation with business development and product management experts at the customer. Respective points of contact need to be nominated with the start of the project and need to be available during normal business hours.
  • A list of considered services and the respective draft descriptions need to be provided at least one week after project start.
  • Default for the workshop is a 4h remote workshop. In case this workshop should take place on customer's premises please select the respective business trip.
  • Business trips: DACH = travels to Germany, Austria and Swiss, EU = remaining European countries. Further trips only by mutual agreement during the project phase.

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